Using some of the most beautiful quarter sawn english oak, I made this piece to match my customers existing furniture. The process of quarter sawing timber is becoming increasingly rare. It produces slightly more waste than normal timber cutting, as well as being more labour intensive for the saw mill but producing a much more stable wood. When oak is sawn this way it gives this incredible grain pattern. This unit is 100% solid oak and jointed using traditional joints.

  • Client: Tony Connel
  • Date: September, 2013

Ross did a wonderful job creating a bespoke unit for which fits in perfectly with the rest of the items in the room yet extenuates the individual character of the pieces of wood. Having never ordered a bespoke piece of furniture before, Ross conscientiously guided us through the process providing continual advice and updates which has culminated in a beautiful item that feels and looks like it will last forever and become a antique of the future.

Tony Connell, Herriard, Hampshire